Paints and Line Markings

Industrial Paints

Pro-Cote Paints

Tough, quick drying industrial paint formulations, giving maximum protection of metal, wood and substrates

Recommended for Industrial Engineering and Automative applications where optimum performance is required.

Ideal for colour coding of equipment, spot marking etc.

pro-cote paints
Available in the following colours:
Colour Code
Plant yellow 0820
Bright White 0821
Safe red 0822
Steel blue 0824
Tool Orange 0825
Machine green 0823
Jet Black 0826
Satin black 0826M
Quick silver 0830
Matt black 0837


Complementing Pro-Cote Acrylic paints, are 3 rust-inhibitive primers which are ideal for building up repaired metal surfaces to a smooth consistent finish

Colours available:
Colour Code
Grey 0833
Red 0834
White 0836
primer pro-cote aerosols
vht black pro-cote paint

VHT Black

Tough industrial high temperature paint for use on surfaces which become heated up to 650°C.

  • No primer required
bright zinc aerosol

Bright Zinc

A tough, galvanising compound which gives protection with a brilliant finish

Recommended for protection of bare metals and galvanised surfaces which have been “broken” by welding, cutting and grinding.

  • Quick drying formula gives excellent adhesion to all metals
cold galva spray

Cold Galv Spray

Ideal for use in protection maintenance and construction industries for coating pipe work and steel fabrications to reduce corrosion.

  • Protects iron, piping, ducts, water tanks, automative and marine parts
clear acrylic lacquer

Clear Acrylic Laquer

Clear flexible film which gives excellent protection against moisture and contaminants.

  • Ideal for printed circuits/electrical components as well as wood, metals etc

Line Marking Paints

Suitable for playing fields, car parks, warehouses, golf courses and road markings. Specially formulated for stencil, line or freehand marking

line marker paints
The following colours are available:
Colour Code
Yellow 0900
White 0901
Red 0902
Green 0903
Blue 0904
Orange 0905
Black 0906
Available in 750ml cans
spraymaster 1 line marker

Spraymaster 1

Hand Held applicator.

  • Easy to use
  • Holds any size can 400ml +

Spraymaster 2

  • Unique design
  • Designed for use with line marking paints

Voyager II / Voyager IV line marking applicators

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Available in 2 and 4 wheel options
  • Fits most size of can 600-750ml
spraymaster 2 line marker