A-Sorb Pads

A-Sorb Super Absorbent Pads suitable for general purpose absorbtion, oil and fuel and chemical. Individual pads for a quick and easy solution to spills.

The Clean Solution for Oil and Chemical Spills

A-Sorb Absorbents are fast and easy to use. Cost effective in comparison to traditional products such as granules. Highly versatile in use with trouble free disposal that enables compliance with Heath and Safety Regulations. Hassle-free handling and storage means shortened spill down time. Colour coded for easy identification. Offers a cleaner solution for spills than conventional methods and trouble-free.

  • (Grey) General Purpose is ideal for all industrial liquids including water and oil based. and cutting fluid, coolant and hydrocarbons.
  • (White) Oil Only is specifically designed for maximum absorption of all hydrocarbons including diesel, fuel and lubricating oil. Repels water making it suitable for preventing harmful run-off entering drains or watercourses.
  • (Yellow) Chemical absorbents will collect most chemicals including acids quickly and safely. Bonded pads arrive in a dispenser box for easy storage and hassle free handling.

Each pad is perforated in the middle for increased versatility. Standard Absorbency = 100 Pads per Box. Light Absorbency = 200 Pads.

Available for General Purpose, Oil Only and Chemical.

Each pad is 40 x 50cm


Product Code Description Contents
1300 General Purpose Pads 100 Pads
1300L General Purpose Lightweight Pads 200 Pads
1301 Oil Only Pads 100 Pads
1301L Oil Only Lightweight Pads 200 Pads
1302 Chemical Pads 100 Pads

* A Large selection of spill kits are also available, please contact us for further details.